Xbmcremote 1.3

With the 1.3 release, Xbmcremote brings support for the upcoming Xbmc Frodo release. But also lots of other things have changed. Besides supporting the new Frodo features like Live TV, long awaited older features like subtitle and audio track selection has been added. The keypad has seen yet another rework, this time I’m confident that it really improves things though. Thanks to the work of contributing community members, the connection handling has been made a bit smarter and we have a bunch of new supported languages. One invisible, but equally important change was splitting up the codebase into a library and multiple frontend apps. This makes it easier to adapt Xbmcremote for different platforms. The first results of this are already visible in form of a Ubuntu phone version and some initial proof of concept code for a KDE Plasma applet.

See the Xbmcremote page for downloads and more infos.

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