Xbmcremote 1.3.1

Xbmcremote 1.3.1 released.

This is a bugfix and translation update for the existing platforms. While it does not bring any new features, it contains lots of new translations and also some bugfixes that make it worth upgrading:

* udate translations
* split loading of songs into chunks to speedup loading large collections on slow hosts (e.g. Raspberry Pi)
* fix image cache with special chars
* fix download files feature
* fix network connection breakdown with high load

But this is not all. This release also introduces a new member in the family of supported platforms: KDE
For a start there are only Ubuntu packages available. See the xbmcremote page for installation instructions. I would be very happy to see packages for other platforms popping up.

Here are some screenshots:

Connect to your Xbmc box All your library
Browse some artist Now Playing

Still not enough? Check out the preview package for Ubuntu Touch. This one is not finished yet, mainly because not all required features are supported on the platform yet. But there is progress, and its looking good!

Connect to your Xbmc box All your library
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3 Responses to Xbmcremote 1.3.1

  1. Bart says:

    I have installed Xbmcremote 1.3.1 on N900. One of the features is no longer working – passing key input in search boxes. This feature was working fine in Xbmcremote 1.1 paired with Xbmc 11. Can you please have a look at that and hopefully fix it? Thanks.
    BTW: Great application.

  2. Mikko Lahti says:


    Do you plan to port xbmcremote to Jolla/Sailfish OS? I’ve been using this with Nokia N9, and looking really forward to using it on the new Jolla as well.

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