Xbmcremote 1.2

It’s time for a new release of Xbmcremote!

Highlights of this release are:
– Image caching
– Performance and battery life improvements
– UI bugfixes in things like the progress bar
– Improved the Keypad/keyboard
– Indication of the currently played item in the browser
– Added turkish translation

Of course this release also contains the usual amount of bugfixes. The package for the N9 is waiting in the Nokia Store QA process and should arrive at your phone in the next days. I will upload the N900 version to the maemo repository in the next days.

With this release I would like to welcome and thank Robert Meijers who jumped in and provided some very useful contributions to Xbmcremote.

There are also bad news. Because of the lack of interest I will drop support for the Symbian version. The 1.1 release will still be available in the store but there won’t be any upgrades any more.

Have fun!

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