fahrplan for Ubuntu Touch

One app I’ve been using quite often on Maemo and MeeGo is fahrplan by smurfy. For those who havent heard of it before, its an app that lets you plan journeys or view time tables of public transportation. Currently it supports countries like Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Australia and a few more.

Now that its time to start dogfooding the Ubuntu phone I was pulling together the apps that I need on my phone. Unfortunately my work on PlayMee, GetMeWheels and Xbmcremote is a bit blocked by some still missing pieces on the phone so I went on to the next app on my must-have list. This one does not have any special needs and the Ubuntu SDK already provides everything needed for such an app. Well, I did the DatePicker and the TimePicker myself as they weren’t there already, but with a bit of luck I can polish those and maybe upstream them to the SDK. Long story short, here’s fahrplan2 ready for you to install on your Ubuntu phone and plan your next journey.

This is how you install it:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mzanetti/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install fahrplan2

The source code can be found athttps://github.com/mzanetti/fahrplan (It might disappear once the ubuntu port is merged upstream into the main fahrplan repository, which is hosted at https://github.com/smurfy/fahrplan).

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  1. Thomas Feldmann says:

    Is it possible to add Montreal to the Fahrplan app? The public transit company here is called STM http://www.stm.info/en/about/developers . The is very good already. Thank you.

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