The reward of a loooong journey

Those who know me, and probably also those who followed this blog in the past, will know that I’ve been working in the mobile phone area for a long time now. Even before my time at Canonical, which is about 2.5 years now, I’ve been working for Nokia on a mobile phone platform that unfortunately never saw the light of day. So in total I think I’ve been working for close to 5 years now on getting a phone out the door.

And today it happened! A friendly man from DHL rang the doorbell about 30 minutes ago, handing me over the reason why I’m overly excited right now:

Now this device is a gift for my dad, who did a lot in supporting my way to be a software engineer, so I won’t turn it on right now to not destroy the joy of the first time welcome bells and whistles for him. And anyways, you can find a lot of pictures and videos of Ubuntu Touch out there in the internet by now.

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5 Responses to The reward of a loooong journey

  1. cm-t says:

    I think you are getting sort of ddos’ed :’D

    You’re still lucky to get it already !

    • Michael says:

      Yeah… whenever I post something that is aggregated to, my server has to suffer badly for about an hour :D

      • Daniel McGuire says:

        Hey Micheal, what Nokia platform did you work on?

        I had an N9 and if you contributed to that phone in any way, well thank you very much for the best f****** phone I have ever had!

  2. Leo Arias says:

    Congrats to you and your dad.

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