The bleeding edge of smartphone hardware

Despite working on Ubuntu and being quite deeply involved with things happening around it, this week I was surprised by what I think is one of the most exciting things in mobile devices. In case you missed it, Ubuntu launched a crowdsourcing campain to create the most powerful phone hardware we could think of, the Ubuntu Edge. Of course it’ll run Ubuntu (besides being able to dual boot to Android) but it will also ship with the full converged device experience we’re all working hard on at Ubuntu. With 128GB of storage and at least 4GB of RAM (the CPU is not exactly specified yet, but is said to be the most powerful one you can get at the time the device is manufactured) this will be the Formula 1 car among mobile devices.

Does this sound awesome? I think it certainly does! There’s one caveat though: This will only happen if enough people are interested in it. Of course I already backed the project and am watching the progress closely. The goal to raise 32 million Dollars is ambitious, some say its even crazy, but hey, we’re not talking about some crappy el cheapo phone here so it requires to take bold steps.

If you think this is exciting too, don’t miss out on supporting the campain and make sure to preorder your device now! If you don’t want to spend that amount of money yet but still think this is a great project and want to see it happen, back it with any amount you can and want afford.

Check out the Indiegogo project page here and spread the word about it!

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