If you like the the internal music player of the N9, but are annoyed that that it does not autostart when you press the headsets play button and does not restore the playlist? Then this could be for you.

This is PlayMee, an attempt to create a free music player for the N9 which behaves mostly like the internal one, but addresses the above issues.

Get the source here:

Get the package:

This is in an early stage of development, however I use it as my daily music player since quite a while. As it does what I need, I thought I could push it and maybe you like it and start contributing some features.


2 Responses to PlayMee

  1. asme says:

    can you replace your link in Maemo Talk.
    am trying your app on Nokia N900 with Meecolay. hope it will work.

  2. Michael says:

    I don’t think it’ll work because it uses the MeeGo QML components. You might be able to port it to the N900 by using the MeeGo components preview package available for the N900. However, I don’t think it’ll run without modifying at least some imports etc.

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