This is another piece of code that has been gathering dust on my hard drive way too long without being of any use to you. The story is, that I got a second hand AR.Drone last year by some happy circumstances. To make any use of it, I had 3 options:

– Get an iPhone and download the controller app from the store
– Get an Android phone and download the controller app from the market place.
– Write that thing for my N950

Guess which one I’ve chosen… If you have an AR.Drone and a Maemo/MeeGo device, have fun with FlyMee!


It is basically an open source MeeGo version for the AR.Drone FreeFlight app as found on iPhone or android. You can navigate the drone while live-transferring the cameras video, change the drone’s settings and take pictures by pressing the volume button.

Thanks to Nikolaj Due Osterbye for creating the Qt sample code on how to talk with the drone. That was speeding up the creation of this app considerably.

Get the source code:

Get the binary package:

Forum discussion:

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