GetMeWheels 1.3

I didn’t really expect to release another version of GetMeWheels for the N9, but a recent chain of circumstances led to this new feature release. Admittedly, it doesn’t add much, but as car2go once again broke all the existing installtions, here’s an update that makes GetMeWheels work again. Additionally, it implements a in-process OAuth mechanism. Instead of firing up the webbrowser and asking you to type the PIN number into GetMeWheels afterwards, the settings dialog now opens the page itself. Once you’re logged in, it grabs the PIN on its own and bringing you back to the app.

Download link here (Nokia N9):

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  1. didi says:

    he Michael!

    thank you very much for this update! i could finally find it on your website where I found the previous version.


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