GetMeWheels 1.2.1

As promised, here is the fixed version of GetMeWheels that works with the new car2go servers. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to publish it through the Nokia store for various reasons. I have also tried publishing it through, but that one seems to be offline too :(. While the situation is not nice for MeeGo users, it is even worse for Symbian users. GetMeWheels needs a GPS signal in order to be useful but that one requires the use of the “Location” capability. Problem is, that using this capability, I cannot create a self-signed package any more which in turn means, there is no other possibility than distributing through the Nokia store. However, as GetMeWheels is free open source software, you can compile it on your own and request a Developer Certificate to sign it for your device. The code including all dependencies is hosted on gitorious. Read here for more information.

Harmattan download:

This is (one way) how to install it:

– Uninstall the broken version from your device
– Make sure you have allowed installations from 3rd party sources in the devicesettings.
– Download the package above with your device
– Open the file directly with the transfer list.

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  1. boeniko says:

    thank you for the download!
    Its a great app for Nokia N9!

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