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snap up your home

Recently I had some fun with playing with Ubuntu on the Orange Matchbox, a Raspberry PI2 in a pretty Ubuntu case, preloaded with Snappy Ubuntu Core. … and what would be better suited for that as having a try with … Continue reading

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GetMeWheels 1.3

I didn’t really expect to release another version of GetMeWheels for the N9, but a recent chain of circumstances led to this new feature release. Admittedly, it doesn’t add much, but as car2go once again broke all the existing installtions, … Continue reading

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Xbmcremote 1.2

It’s time for a new release of Xbmcremote! Highlights of this release are: – Image caching – Performance and battery life improvements – UI bugfixes in things like the progress bar – Improved the Keypad/keyboard – Indication of the currently … Continue reading

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