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Little sneak previews

Recently I’ve been busy working on the right edge gesture in Ubuntu Touch. Here’s a little sneak preview: Your browser does not support HTML5 video Note that this is still work in progress and probably won’t hit the image really … Continue reading

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Ubuntu SSO on Touch

Hey folks, it’s time to cross another app off the list of applications to be created for Ubuntu Touch. If you’re still relying on Google Authenticator to log in to your Ubuntu SSO account, you’ll be happy to hear that … Continue reading

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car2go meets Ubuntu Touch

Back in the days when Nokia (RIP) shipped their first phone with Qt support, the good old N900, I created my first phone app. After having used this app for quite some years, having ported it to Symbian and later … Continue reading

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On manually creating click packages

After my last post, praising how easy it is to manually create click packages even if QtCreator doesn’t support that for compiled apps yet, I got requests from various people asking me to share the knowledge. So here is how … Continue reading

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uFit clicked!

A couple of months back, roughly the same time when the Ubuntu SDK alpha was announced I bought myself a fitbit to get back in shape after being hit by the lack of activity that can come along with a … Continue reading

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The bleeding edge of smartphone hardware

Despite working on Ubuntu and being quite deeply involved with things happening around it, this week I was surprised by what I think is one of the most exciting things in mobile devices. In case you missed it, Ubuntu launched … Continue reading

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Xbmcremote 1.3.1

Xbmcremote 1.3.1 released. This is a bugfix and translation update for the existing platforms. While it does not bring any new features, it contains lots of new translations and also some bugfixes that make it worth upgrading: * udate translations … Continue reading

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fahrplan for Ubuntu Touch

One app I’ve been using quite often on Maemo and MeeGo is fahrplan by smurfy. For those who havent heard of it before, its an app that lets you plan journeys or view time tables of public transportation. Currently it … Continue reading

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Syncing Ubuntu touch with owncloud (or any CardDAV server)

After Sergio posted how to sync google contacts with ubuntu touch I gave it a shot with my owncloud server. After some fiddling around and fixing the syncevolution-libs package I eventually suceeded. For now you need to replace syncevolution-libs with … Continue reading

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