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Installing more puritine apps on the BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition

I’ve published this earlier as google doc, but it seems that was a bad idea and many people are still asking the same question. So here’s the same howto, targetting a somewhat broader audience: Please note: This is not officially … Continue reading

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snap up your home

Recently I had some fun with playing with Ubuntu on the Orange Matchbox, a Raspberry PI2 in a pretty Ubuntu case, preloaded with Snappy Ubuntu Core. … and what would be better suited for that as having a try with … Continue reading

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More levels for Machines vs. Machines

You wish! But no, this isn’t me announcing more levels. Instead, let me tell you how you can create some. But first, if you don’t know what Machines vs. Machines is, check out here. If you have some graphics skills … Continue reading

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OpenStore, TweakGeek and more

Now that the Ubuntu Phone is finally in the hands of many people, it’s time to get some hacking started! This is an attempt to bootstrap some hacking community around the devices that wants to explore the phone beyond of … Continue reading

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The reward of a loooong journey

Those who know me, and probably also those who followed this blog in the past, will know that I’ve been working in the mobile phone area for a long time now. Even before my time at Canonical, which is about … Continue reading

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Unity8 windowed mode

I’ve received requests from people asking how to try the windowed mode on their unity8 enabled devices (yes phones too). Here’s how it works: You need a phone or tablet, flashed with the devel-proposed channel. On a PC, running an … Continue reading

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WhereTheIssAt redone

A couple of weeks back, I did a talk about how extend your QML application with a Qt/C++ plugin for the Ubuntu App Developer Week. The focus of this talk was really on how to write the QML and C++ … Continue reading

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Ubuntu App Developer week

Yesterday I did a tutorial for the Ubuntu App Developer Week. The topic was “Extending QML Applications with Qt/C++ plugins”. If you’re interested in that topic but you’ve missed the session, you can watch it here: You can find the … Continue reading

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Shine for Ubuntu Touch released

Hey ya, using the UbBloPoMo as an opportunity to let you know that Shine has been released to the Ubuntu Touch App store. Here’s a couple of screenshots: Grab the source code from: I’ve tried to keep the ColorPickers … Continue reading

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Little sneak previews

Recently I’ve been busy working on the right edge gesture in Ubuntu Touch. Here’s a little sneak preview: Your browser does not support HTML5 video Note that this is still work in progress and probably won’t hit the image really … Continue reading

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