car2go meets Ubuntu Touch

Back in the days when Nokia (RIP) shipped their first phone with Qt support, the good old N900, I created my first phone app. After having used this app for quite some years, having ported it to Symbian and later MeeGo, it finally reached its next platform, which is, of course, Ubuntu.

Apparently this is the first app in the Ubuntu Store which ships its own binary executable instead of being launched by qmlscene, so some hickups were to be expected. But Jamie did an awesome job fixing them all immediately and giving me some additional hints on how to improve packaging, so we managed to publish it today. Here it is, GetMeWheels for Ubuntu Touch. A car finder application for world’s most awesome car rental service, car2go.

Display a map with cars Show details for a car
Vie a list of all cars, sorted by distance Select your location

It’s also quite impressive for me to watch how the car2go service grew. I remember the first prototypes for it driving around here in Ulm. Later, at it’s launch, it was only Ulm and Austin where those little white-and-blue Smarts were to be seen. Now, 4 years later, you can just hop on a car and drop it off wherever you want in those cities: Wien, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, München, Ulm, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Köln, Stuttgart, Birmingham, London, Milano, Amsterdam, Denver, Minneapolis, Austin, San Diego, Washington DC, Portland, Miami and Seattle.

More information and source code here.

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4 Responses to car2go meets Ubuntu Touch

  1. Philipp Gassmann says:

    Is there already an App for Maps? As this one seems to use OpenStreet map it would be nice if you could also create a Map only app. Just remove the cars :-)
    Should be called MapApp.

    • Michael says:

      Actually I’m in the process of porting Marble to Ubuntu Touch. But that will still take a little while… For the meantime I could indeed create a simple MapApp.

      • Prithviraj Nag says:

        When can users expect Marble on Ubuntu Touch? :)

        • Michael says:

          As Marble is quite a big project and I’m relatively new to its code base I don’t want to give any time promises at this point. The current status is that I’m done with porting it to Qt5 and have started looking into how to add a QML UI for Ubuntu touch.

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